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Your dog will enjoy all the comforts of home while staying with us on our 1 acre lot and receive training 7 days a week for 3 weeks. The spacious lot includes a large grassy lawn, heated pool, and comfortable, professional grade kennels. In between training sessions your dog will enjoy all these amenities while playing and socializing with other dogs under careful supervision.

Rockstar and Monster sharing a tire at play-time


"Lodge & Learn" residents Mackenzie and Morgan playing tag on the spacious, grassy lawn!


"Lodge & Learn" residents enjoying play-time at the beautiful, heated pool in between training sessions under careful supervision


Thor enjoying a brisk swim between training sessions


Gypsy taking a break in her luxurious kennel

In between training sessions and play-time our residents stay in our large, spacious, professional grade kennels. Many backyard operations house dogs in confined crates that are only designed for temporary use, or dangerous makeshift fenced enclosures.


Students Bella and Maddison calmly resting in their designated area after learning the place command


Gypsy getting in a workout after being trained to use the treadmill in the "Lodge & Learn" program