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Lodge & Learn

In today’s busy world it is hard to find the time to dedicate to properly training your dog all by yourself, as a result our “Lodge & Learn” program has become our most popular offering. Just leave your dog with us and we’ll do all the initial basic obedience training. Your dog will learn to walk on a leash without pulling, and sit-stay and down-stay the first time you ask—even in the presence of heavy distractions such as dogs, cats, and people. After training you will receive lessons at your home to solve any lingering problems. Click for more details...

Advanced off Leash

Basic on-leash obedience training is a prerequisite for this program, but both programs may be completed simultaneously. Also, your dog must have a strong drive (willingness to please) to successfully complete this program. We will evaluate the level of your dog's training and drive to determine if it is ready for this program and recommend any additional training needed before starting the program.

This program would benefit the owner that wants their dog to obey commands even when off of a leash. Off-leash training ingrains the desire for your dog to obey commands far beyond the level of standard on-leash training. This level of training will enable you to control your dog from a distance in varying environments and where distractions may be present such as: dog parks, dog beaches, large backyards, or any other location where leash laws are not in effect. Click here for testimonials and pictures from some of our Advanced Off-leash graduates...

Private Lessons

This program is for owners who have the time, dedication, and discipline to learn to train their dog themselves with our guidance. The program is comprised of 5 one hour sessions once a week in your home, or our facility. After each session it is up to the owner to apply what they have learned to training their own dog. The entire basic obedience curriculum will be covered, including any specific problems you may have. Click for more details...

Puppy Lessons

This lesson takes place at your home and lasts an hour and a half. It is designed to get the new dog owner headed down the right path in raising their puppy. Some basic obedience concepts will be introduced, and we will also teach you how to fix and prevent common bad habits.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Housebreaking
  • Managing puppy behavior
  • General care, health and diet
  • Solutions for problem behaviors, and guidelines for developing proper manners and socialization
  • Basic introduction to sit, down, recall (come) and heel (walk by your side

Housebreaking Lessons

This is a one hour lesson in your home designed for puppies with house breaking problems. We will cover: how to properly confine your puppy using crates and puppy gates, how to correct ( not punish ) bad behavior, and proper diet and scheduling feeding.