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Lodge & Learn

The "Lodge & Learn" program is a three week course in which your dog is professionally trained for you on a daily basis. Your dog will stay with us on our spacious one acre lot enjoying all the comforts of home including a beautiful grassy lawn, and heated swimming pool. The entire obedience curriculum will be covered as well as behavioral problems, socialization, and manners. Your dog will enjoy daily play time to socialize with other dogs under careful supervision. Training takes place in the home and in public places. We will concentrate not just on learning new commands, but just as importantly on building good habits. The program is custom tailored for you, taking into consideration your dog's specific needs, the owner's needs, and the dog's living environment.

Since this program simulates a home environment it makes the transition of returning home very smooth, thereby allowing the dog to retain what has been learned. This is something no typical kennel based training program can do.

Enrollment is limited so please call early to reserve a space

Requirements for entering the program:

The "Lodge & Learn" program is ideal for owners that don't have the time to dedicate to initial obedience training. It's also a great idea enroll your dog in this program if you're going on vacation, instead of just boarding your dog at a kennel. This is also an ideal program for those with physically limitations that may be overwhelmed by the requirements of initial obedience training.

What's Included
Basic Obedience
  • 3 weeks of daily, custom tailored, individual training
  • Daily supervised group play time and socialization
  • Sleeping accommodations according to each dogs individual needs
  • Exposure to public and private environments on a daily basis to polish socialization skills, identify problem behavior
  • Two private lessons with you following training (one at our location and one in your home)
  • Preparation for off-leash training using 30' long-line
  • Treadmill exercise training if owner requests and dog is capable
  • Boarding and feeding fees (Solid Gold premium food or per owner specifications)
  • Progress reports sent weekly by mail or e-mail
  • Training collar, 6' leather leash, and 30' long-line
  • Graduation certificate
  • Bath before going home
  • Sit & Sit-Stay
  • Down & Down-Stay
  • Recall (come): when commanded return to you in the heel position
  • Heel: walk by your side with automatic sit when you stop
  • Hold sits and downs until released
  • Release Word: use of a release word such as: break, at-ease, relax, release, etc.
  • Place: go to designated place and stay until released
  • Door-Bolting: wait at specified open doors or gates until released
  • Crate training and Housebreaking
  • Program can be modified per owner's request to accommodate special needs

After completion of the program we will give you a full demonstration of what your dog has learned. You will also receive 2 private lessons designed to teach you how to maintain what your dog has learned. The first lesson will be given at our facility when you pickup your dog, and the other will be given at your home after you have worked with your dog for about a week.

Imagine being able to take control of your dog when you need to in public, or private settings using the sit or sit-stay command. Take control of your dog for even longer periods of time utilizing the down or down-stay command. With mastery of the heel command you'll be able to enjoy walking your dog without your dog pulling on the leash, excessively barking, lunging, sniffing, or marking. Peacefully enjoy the comforts of your own home by using the place command to have your dog rest calmly in a designated area. No more will you have to worry about your dog bolting in front of you through doors and gates. The end result is that you will be able to communicate with your dog on a level that both you will understand, thereby forging a deep respect for one another.