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At "Top Performance Dog Training" I have been professionally training dogs for over 15 years and I am a certified, experienced, knowledgeable professional. My vast experience with a wide range of dog owners, breeds, and behaviors allows me to tailor a training solution that is best for you and your dog. Each owner and their dog form a unique relationship, and no one training method is right for every situation. My goal is to analyze your situation and find the ideal training solution for you and your dog. I believe in educating both the dog and the owner, as both must work together in order to forge a healthy relationship. I strive to create this healthy relationship through my various training programs which utilize positive reinforcement methods.


What Sets Us Apart

I specialize in providing you with a training solution that best suits the needs of both you and your dog. Unlike many large boarding kennel operations that herd dogs through their time regimented programs like cattle, our programs focus on quality...not quantity. I will take the time necessary to properly teach you and your dog to achieve real, lasting results.

Warning Signs!

Be warry of these warning signs when choosing a training facility. These are sure fire indicators that something is amise:

! "The 2 Week Promise": Many facilities claim they can   teach your dog in 2 weeks. This is not a realistic timeframe to properly train a dog and have it retain what it has learned. It will take several days just to get acclimated to the new environment. This time is stressful so training must start slowly with measured increases. A short training time only benefits the facility and not you by allowing them to train more dogs in less time which makes them more money with less effort.

! "Off-Leash Training": This is a misleading term and actually involves the use of an electronic collar. This method is not right for every dog. In order for a dog to benefit from this training method it must be of a certain age, maturitiy and temperament. We would conduct an initial consultation to determine if this training method is right for your dog. Attempting this type of training on the wrong type of dog may actually be detrimental. 

! "False Advertising": Be careful of facilities claiming to be the best game in town when in fact they are nationwide businesses that are based out of state and may even outsource their training. When researching training ask where they are located and for local, verifiable reviews.

! "Unverified Experience": It is common for trainers to claim years upon years of experience without any verifiable proof. A credible trainer will have graduated from an accredited canine training program and then apprenticed under an experienced trainer for several years. When choosing a trainer ask for proof of dog obedience training specific education and experience.

Top Performance Advantage

Training by a certified professional with verified experience
Prooven success backed by a breadth of testimonials and reviews
Customized training tailored spcifically to your dogs needs
Multiple, supervised play times scheduled every day
Clean, dry, comfortable, professional grade sleeping accommodations
Training in public and private environments
You're allowed to visit with your dog
Food provided or bring your own at no extra charge
Off-leash preparation training included
Swimming Pool and large grassy lawn for supervised play time
Treadmill training at owner's request included
Expanded business hours
Housebreaking included at owner's request
Training equipment included at no extra fee
Bath provided before leaving
Framed, official graduation certificate
Follow up phone counseling